​​Hurricane Matthew, with a speed of about 145mph, wiped out at least 40-90% of the South and the far west (NW) Haiti on October 3rd-5th, 2016. The deadly storm killed over 900 Haitians and destroyed all crop,and just about every livestock in the areas that it hit. The hurricane destroyed at least 40% houses in the already poor Bombard'Opolis and left its victims with no food, clothing and/or drinking water. The storm also worsens the condition of the water supply, increasing the risk for diseases such as cholera, typhoid, malaria, which have been threatening the country for a long time. Right now, we are seeking for monetary donation for food, clean drinking water and toiletries for Haiti. 

Please help us help the people of Haiti by visiting our online giving or sending your donations to the Gainesville Seventh-day Adventist church links. You may also order a t-shirt for a small donation ($12.00) to finance our projects.

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HMTcare has been working with the local churches in some of the poorest rural areas of Haiti, conducting live healthcare seminars, free mobile clinics and VBS. Over the last 3.5 years, our team has pioneered its mission in Bombard'Opolis (the most remote part in Haiti, with a population of about 50,000 people but no running water/electricity) with great success. Our seminars have also been broadcasted through available radio stations servicing most part of the NW Haiti. HMTcare uses the help of volunteers to help in the operation of its activities. The team sponsors tuition for needy children (mostly orphans) in the rural areas we service. Some of our ongoing projects include clean drinking water (well water system), church construction, health care services and education. However, we are now focusing on food, clean drinking water and housing with an emphasis on the Bible for the victims of hurricane Matthew in the NW. Our goal is to help end needless suffering via evangelism. Please join us and help make a difference!

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HMT’s vision is to spread the good news of the gospel to the people living in the most remote areas of Haiti through health care services, education, agriculture, love and a focus on society (HEALS).

 The ministry of the Haitian Mission Team (HMT) at the Gainesville Seventh Day Adventist Church is to work with like-minded individuals (volunteers) in an effort to help improve the quality of life of the people in Haiti.
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Obtaining an education is every little Haitian's dream. However, because school is completely privatized and the poverty level in the villages is the highest in Haiti, many children are forced to play a "restavek" role for a way of life. HMT helps support education for underprivileged children including orphans and "restaveks" in the villages. After all, addressing education is the roadmap to resolving poverty in Haiti.

For $5.00/week or $20.00/month, you can change the life of a village child. Please support our children education program by clicking the "learn more" above and sending your donations to the Gainesville SDA church/HMT, 2115 NW 39th Ave,Gainesville, FL 32605.

 HMT Care will conduct seminars on agriculture in the rural areas it services so that villagers have a better approach to crop cultivation and better nutrition. Once established, HMT Care will implement farming as a project in the villages.

We exist to help end needless suffering

Hurricane Matthew Aftermath

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